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Today's date: July 13, 2020
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Gemini Weekly Romantic Horoscope

Week Of: July 13, 2020 - July 20, 2020
Got a romantic agenda? Contemplating making a certain overture or setting up a surprise hot date? Why not go for it? Both your beauty and brains are supercharged by the stars on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week, creating an atmosphere in which whatever you do causes bountiful sparks. Work it. In terms of the rest of the week, romantic matters require extra concentration on Monday (read between the lines); on Friday and Saturday, pacing is important (not too slow, not too fast); and Sunday's about looking deeper (into the implications of a certain situation).

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About Your Sign: Gemini
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What would you choose as the perfect date?
A Movie of your choice at the theatre
A romantic candle-lit dinner for two on a restaurant patio
An afternoon walk in the park
A movie at your house on the couch with a bowl of popcorn
The museum or interesting exhibit