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Today's date: January 24, 2021
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Leo Daily Horoscope

Some of the spendthrifts in your life are going to be a lot more financially conservative than they usually are -- and you should follow their example. Even if your current financial situation is fairly stable, it would not do you any harm to tighten your purse strings a little bit. Brown-bagging your lunch is an easy first step. You can even make it fun by concocting a new dish to try each day. You'll save money and expand your culinary experiences!

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About Your Sign: Leo
The Lion
Ruling Planet:
the Sun
Ruling House:
Fifth House
Body Parts:
Heart, Back
Date with Destiny:
Aries, Sagittarius
Taurus, Scorpio

What would you choose as the perfect date?
A Movie of your choice at the theatre
A romantic candle-lit dinner for two on a restaurant patio
An afternoon walk in the park
A movie at your house on the couch with a bowl of popcorn
The museum or interesting exhibit