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Today's date: March 24, 2019
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Cancer Daily Horoscope

There will be a vibrant energy of positive communication surrounding you wherever you go today -- enabling long, fascinating conversations to evolve from modest small talk quite easily. You might not be feeling especially loquacious or social right now, but if you force yourself to strike up a short how's it going?' chat with a stranger, you won't be disappointed. Give it a try -- opening yourself up is a very good thing now.

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About Your Sign: Cancer
The Crab
Ruling Planet:
the Moon
Ruling House:
Fourth House
Body Parts:
Breasts, Digestion
Date with Destiny:
Scorpio, Pisces
Aries, Libra

What would you choose as the perfect date?
A Movie of your choice at the theatre
A romantic candle-lit dinner for two on a restaurant patio
An afternoon walk in the park
A movie at your house on the couch with a bowl of popcorn
The museum or interesting exhibit