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Teen Pregnancy Ruins
By: Bren Davis
One of the biggest problems the teenagers of today face is unplanned pregnancy. The united States has one of the highest pregnancy rates in the world. Close to 1 million teenagers become pregnant each year. Approximately 90% of the pregnancies is unplanned, a number of them which eventually leads to abortion.

Consequences of teenage pregnancy
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Unplanned pregnancy poses one of the most devastating problems in life. There is just too much stress to deal with for a teenage mom. The stress that they're dealing with are time, financial and duties. Imagine the difficulty in juggling the time spent in school, with the baby and earning money just to provide necessities for the baby. Even if a teenage mom decides to forgone of her duties, for example quit school, it does not necessarily makes the situation or the future any better. With insufficient education means that the teenage mom will have to settle for low-paying jobs or worse, being unemployed.

Prevention of teenage pregnancy

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I believe one of the most effective prevention measures is by promoting abstinence. Parents should try instilling moral or religious values in their kids. It will prove to be the best prevention, rather than encouraging safe sex with the use of condoms etc.

Proper guidance of teens does not start tomorrow, but today. It's easy for them to ruin their futures by making a simple mistake and it's our responsibility as parents, teachers, the society etc to guide them to the right path.

Useful hotline

Planned Parenthood


National Abortion Federation


National Adoption Center


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