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Give Your Kids The Gift Of A Resilient Personality
By: Dr. Gary S. Goodman
Most of us want to give the very best to our children, often thinking in terms of material things. But our kids might do better in life, says Dr. Gary S. Goodman, best-selling author, sales, service, and success coach, and President of, if we give them the gift of resilience.

It's only natural.
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But, what constitutes the very best? Often, we think about material things.

A room to themselves, decorated to a kid's tastes, parties at home with clowns and ponies, and other idyllic diversions all of these things come to mind.

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And some want to give their kids a chance to further their educations, socking away some dough for college applications, tuition, room and board, and I'd better stop this sentence because the list never ends!

All of these things are wonderful and if you can provide them, I tip my hat to you.

But now, looking back on my upbringing, where I seldom, if ever enjoyed these goodies, I realize I am no worse for their absence.

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