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Good Homework Habits
By: V Brown
Getting your child to do their homework can often be an exercise in futility, but while your child may never enjoy doing their homework, there are some things you can do that might help ease them into it.

A good routine is probably the most important thing. Sit with your child and plan which time is best suited to put aside each night to work on their homework. For some this may be straight after school while things are still fresh in their mind, for others, they may need to forget about school for a little while and relax (though this can often be a problem because more often than not you'll have your child asking if they can have just ten more minutes before they get started and before you know it it's bedtime).
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Once you have a time that both you and your child agree on, find a suitable place for them to set their work out. This may be their bedroom, kitchen or other room where there will me minimal distractions. Always make sure there is suitable light, either from a window or reading lamp, enough room for them to spread their work out, without it becoming too messy, and they have everything they need: pens, pencils, paper etc. close at hand.

When you have your set time and place, make sure you stick to it, getting your child into the routine of each night at the appointed time going to the same room to do their homework will go along way toward establishing a good work ethic.

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Always make sure they will have everything they need before beginning their homework, nothing will delay starting better than having to search the house for the right pen. If necessary prepare a special box or pencil case that is only to be used in the designated room for doing homework.

For the older child getting them into the habit of taking notes during class can be a big help when it comes to achieving their set goals for homework. Going over their daily notes before starting will not only help ensure they stay on task, but it can also help refresh their memories of what they have learnt during the day making their homework a little easier.

If you find your child struggling with their homework or becoming stressed because they don't understand certain aspects, don't push them too hard. Instead let them take a break: have them take a walk or do something that will take their off it for awhile, often coming back to something with a fresh perspective is all it can take for things to fall into place. If they are still struggling, and you can offer no assistance, make sure you speak to their teacher, having your child lose confidence in their abilities is one of the hardest things to overcome. Sometimes a slight modification in what is required is all your child needs.

By using these small tips it won't be long before your child gets into the routine of doing their homework each night.

V Brown is the mother of two primary aged children and one who has just entered high school. For further articles, tips and other family related sites, please visit: Family Life

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