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Things to Consider When Naming Your Baby
By: Tracey Herriot
When naming your baby there are many things to take into consideration. It is important to find a name that goes well with your surname, and has appropriate meaning. You may want to look for a unique name, or perhaps even a name that carries your ancestry or heritage. Remember Your child's name is a very important aspect for his/her identity for the rest of his/her life. Make Sure to choose a name that your child will be proud of, and not a name they are stuck with for the rest of their life.

Finding a name that goes well with a surname can sometimes be a challenging process. Often longer first names work better with shorter last names, and Shorter first names tend to sound better with longer last names. Avoid a first name that ends in a vowel if your last name starts with a vowel as it tends to make the name run together. Avoid first names that rhyme with your surname, and make sure to consider names that create puns. Names such as: Candy Cane, Holly Wood, and Paige Turner are cute, but have short lived humour.

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Some parents choose to name the child after a relative, grandparent or even a close friend. This is a great idea to create more baby names to choose from . It is very important not to feel obliged to name your child after a grandparent, friend or relative. Take ideas and suggestions graciously, but make sure that the decision that you make is your own. After all it is not Aunt Lucy or Grandpa Joe that is stuck with the name it is your child.

An unusual name has the advantage of standing out in a crowd, but be cautious when choosing an unusual name for your child. Having a name such as Michael can confuse a child if there are three other Michael's in his class at school. Choosing a name that is unique but hard to pronounce can also create problems as it causes attention that the child would rather try to avoid.

Deciding on a name with an appropriate meaning can be quite the task. If your child's name means something such as hero, or joyful one he/she will most likely not be treated very differently. However if your child's name means tall one and the child is short, or dark one and your child is fair your child may be a little upset.

Remember there is no rush when deciding to name your baby. Take Your time to look at many names, and keep and open mind. Choose a name that goes well with your surname, an appropriate meaning, one that is not too common, and brainstorm with your family and friends.
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