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Wedding Flowers - More Bang For Your Buck
By: Charlotte Hoaks
When planning a wedding, from selecting the gown to organizing the reception, flowers are an integral part of the overall vision of a wedding day's event. Without flowers, fresh or silk, the event will lack the elegant and polished appearance every bride envisions for her special day.

In a traditional wedding, not only the bride carries a bouquet, but also the bridesmaids, in addition, there are boutonnires for the men and corsages for members of the bridal party and important family members. Even the smallest of weddings usually add floral bouquets for the church, pew decorations and candles. As a one time florist, I know all the little extras that can add to the overall cost. If a bride is not careful, the flowers for even a modest wedding can run hundreds if not thousands of dollars when the reception is added.
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How do you create a wedding to remember without maxing out your credit card?

- First- Don't plan a holiday wedding. As romantic as a Valentine wedding sounds, it will cost double from almost any other time of the year.

- Second - Consider seasonal flowers. Some flowers are more readily available at different times of the year and cost less when in abundance.
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- Third - Consider what you and your friends or family can do yourself rather than have done by a florist. Flowers are available from vendors like grocery stores and Wal-Mart. With a little planning, they can be used to make arrangements as lovely as a "designer" arrangement from the florist.

- Fourth - Join forces. Ask around and if there is another wedding pool monies with the other bride for big items for the church, like candelabras, floral arrangements, pew decorations. Most rental items are for 24 hours.

In most cases, the color of the bridesmaids dresses will influence the colors chosen for the wedding flowers. So choose wisely. If you choose a color with limited options for floral compliments you restrict the selection of flowers available.

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