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Wedding Favor Ideas - Finding The One You Love
By: Peter Crump
Wedding favor ideas can be as elusive as the perfect man - you can spend forever looking for the right one amongst a whole range that just don't seem quite right! Traditional wedding favor ideas might seem a little too predictable, or just not quite what you had imagined. So how can you think up wedding favor ideas that are just right for you?

First of all, don't write off all traditional wedding favor ideas too quickly - they have earned their traditional wedding favors ideas status by proving ever popular. Perhaps the perfect wedding favor idea for you and your spouse might be a traditional one, but with a personal twist of your own.
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Instead of the traditional candle wedding favor idea, you might choose a novelty shaped candle that represents something personal to you. Gardeners might enjoy the wedding favor idea of a candle flower in a pot, while animal lovers might like a dog or cat shaped candle.

You will want your favors to be as unique and special as your wedding day, and what better way to find wedding favor ideas than the ones you create yourself. Make your own wedding favors ideas can be difficult to come up with, but the trick is to create something that is representative of you.

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