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Your Rusty Relationship: Top Tips For Keeping It Well Oiled
By: Grey Potter
Ah, those were the days... when it was all about stolen kisses and strolls in the moonlight. These days you'd be happy if he just stopped leaving the toilet seat up.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if finding our soul mate meant everything would work by itself? We'd always get along, never get bored, there'd be no such things as bad patches, jealousy or frustration. If only.
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The problem is that relationships never stay the same. As we evolve constantly, so do our relationships, and the difficulties those changes often bring don't have to mean it's all over. Here are a few top tips for making sure your relationship stays healthy.

Keep Kissing. It's a sad fact that kissing is one of the first things to disappear when a relationship moves into the long term. How often do you bother to kiss your partner these days? I don't mean a peck on the cheek, I mean a long sloppy slurpy kiss. Put some time aside and grab their attention. Apart from the fact that we all love to be kissed, it's good for you.

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One of the hardest things to manage when we become familiar with each other is the feeling that occasionally we're being taken for granted or that our partner is not listening to us. This can become especially difficult if we're upset about something. Here's one thing you can try. Pick a small object, preferably something that is meaningful to both of you, and take turns holding onto it whilst you speak. The one in possession of it has the floor, and the other has to listen without interrupting. You might need to agree on a time duration at first, but when you're used to listening to your partner you'll find you're happy to hand over when you've had your say.

Here's a great one. Write down five things you love about your partner, or ten if you can manage it! See if you can make them slightly off-beat or light-hearted at first, and try to make them specific. When you've finished, sit down together and take turns reading them out to each other. You'll be amazed by the things your partner notices, and appreciates, about you.

The reality is that relationships take as much effort as anything else to be successful, but a few small things can make a big difference. Have a go at rejuvenating your relationship today, you might be pleasantly surprised at the results.

Grey Potter is a well-respected author who writes for various organisations, magazines and web sites and is currently a contributing author for the network.

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