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Start Saving For Love
By: Judith Sherven and James Sniechowski
Rather than limiting romance to things like expecting flowers or hoping she'll seduce you after dinner, you can find romance almost anywhere when you look for it. Actually, anything that bonds your loving partnership more fully is a measure of real romance.

Yet all too often, rather than joining forces, both people vie for superiority, wrangle for control, spend most of their time trying to get more, more and ever more! And it's too often money that's used to divide and conquer rather than unite and prosper.
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Instead, what if you started saving money, even if it's only "play money" at first? Then you can use your joint efforts to support your desire for more fun and enhance the love you share.

One of our fun joint ventures is the "Helens' Spring-Off" savings account we started before we were married. Both of our mothers' names are Helen. We wanted a cash account for fun stuff -- to spring off into lighter activities. So we got a big jug and we throw in our loose change, coins we find on the street, miscellaneous checks -- like residuals from our old tv and movie work (the checks are often of the $14.86 variety!), birthday money and other odds and ends. We even toss in the difference between the regular price and the sale price for stuff we get at a bargain but would have paid the full amount if we had to.

We love seeing the money add up and we both enjoy contributing! We also relish the trips we take, or the fun antique we find while traveling -- paid for with our play money in our Helens account!

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If saving money together isn't a fun idea, what fun venture can you create that you will both enjoy doing together -- something that benefits each of you AND your relationship? Maybe you'll become a work-out team and every time one of you doesn't adhere to the schedule, then that person has to ????? -- what? Make sure the "punishment" is as endearing as you can.

There's no limit to the team efforts you can create that will both increase your intimacy, and also improve the future of your life together. Enjoy!

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