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Relationship Advice: J is for Just You and Me
By: John Herring
It's been a whole lot of years since the music group Chicago sang "Just You and Me."

More than thirty years later, there is still an important principle we can lift from these lyrics to strengthen our relationships.
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Just you and me time

Life just seems to get more and more hectic, and it doesn't look as if that is going to change anytime soon. Couples find it very difficult to get any alone time on a regular basis.

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Many of the couples with whom I work spend little or no alone time together on a regular basis. This is one of the main ways that couples can drift from soul mates to room mates. At best they wind as partners trying to get through the day.

How to get some "just you and me" time

Carve it out Alone time for couples does not just happen. You have to carve it out and protect it just like you would any other important appointment.

Date night Couples who have a regular date night report looking forward to it during the week. Knowing there is going to be time to connect allows couples to feel connected during a hectic day to day pace.

Trade off When you have kids, one way to get some couple time is to partner with another couple that you know and trust. One night you take their kids and they go out, and on another night they take your kids and you go out.

Couple time is crucial for the success of a long term relationship. Use these tips to get some "just you and me time."

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