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Arguing With Your Spouse - How Self Image and Self Confidence Can Make or Break Your Relationship
By: Everte Farnell
Self image and self confidence can make or break your relationship. The more confident you are with yourself, the easier it is to avoid arguments and fights with your significant other.

Boy last night was a lulu. I got home from work and my wife and I started talking about a touchy subject. We started talking and almost instantly had a misunderstanding. The misunderstanding would have turned into a fight a year ago. I mean a knockdown drag out. I mean we would have had a yelling match and hard feelings for days. Do you understand the kind of fight I am talking about? So what is different now? Why did we have a calm discussion and agree to revisit it later, when we're not feeling so emotional?
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Well, today I recognize how to have a disagreement without arguing about it. We will sometimes revisit it later. Sometimes we will agree to disagree.

What you find is when you start feeling more secure in yourself, it becomes less important be right. If you can avoid connecting your confidence to being right, then you find it doesn't matter most of the time.

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What is amazing is how much better my marriage is now that I have a better self image. There are several ways to help improve your self image. I outline some in my book "The Barbarian's Guide to Success"

Here is a secret, if you don't try to "win" all the time, then when it is important, your spouse will listen closer. That is because arguing is not par for the course. If it is important enough to argue about, unconsciously he/she will listen to you closer.

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