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10 Signs of Healthy Romantic Relationship
By: Alex Chew
Many people experience problems in relationship because they do not have any idea whether their relationship is healthy. As an ordinary human being, we constantly seek for advancement in everything we do. No doubt that this is good in almost every area of our life but this is not always true when it comes to relationship.

Seeking for improvement is good to a relationship if you work to improve it from the inside out. However if you start to seek improvement by comparing it with other couples, you are asking for trouble. The reason is simple as almost every relationship is not the same and it is impossible for you to compare it with other couples. The definition of a healthy relationship may not be the same for each couple and hence before you dare to think that your relationship is inadequate or unhealthy, evaluate the below to determine whether your relationship needs improvement.

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In every healthy relationship:

1) Both you and your partner enjoy passion and safety. There is also a shared sense of intense passion and sexuality but they are not the key aspect of the relationship. In other words, passion and sexuality are the result of a balanced relationship but not the cause.

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2) Your relationship revolves around shared values, goals and lifestyle preferences which were established based on respect, trust and sense of security.

3) You know who your partner is and what your partner wants and vice-versa, your partner knows who you are and what you want.

4) Both your feelings' and communication are well balanced and clear. You do not allow your feeling to be the excuse for an irresponsible act which can affect your relationship and vice-versa.

5) Both you and your partner have the room to think clearly for yourselves, for each other and as well as your relationship as a whole.

6) Both you and your partner are present for each other and vow to support each other's wants or needs to the best of their ability.

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