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Why Some People Almost Always End Up in Divorce
By: Leonard Krauss
For many years I have watched many dynamic beautifully bright marriages turn cloudy. It wasn't that the love was no longer there but the expressing of it to each other had changed. The dedication of time to each other had changed trememdously, and the ability to communicate freely with each other was weak. Many times people will struggle in a marriage and become so frustrated that they will do nothing more than take what they think is the easy route out of divorce. Well, what good would that truely do. All your doing is starting from the ground up and if you are spliting up a family this could effect your children in a negative way.

Instead people need to realize that marriage is a commitment of giving to each other. I had a friend that almost gave up on his family. He loved his wife so deep that he wanted her to be able to have whatever pleased her. She was so heavily materialistic that the only way she could find happiness while he was away at work was to shop. With this catch 22 cycle continously growing he would have to work more hours giving her more and more time to shop. Not only did she feel like she was being abandoned and left alone he felt like he was just being used and not appreciated. Their loss of time together had clouded their marriage and blinded them as to who they really were. After seeking a love relationship advice couselor a couple of times they realized what they had been doing to each other and started valuing each other more than anything else. Have you ever felt like this?

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Leonard Krauss is the founder of Save the Family Home, for more information see his website at

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