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8 Reasons Why Men Like Bad Girls
By: Tracey Herriot
So we all know that men like the stereotypical " badgirl" but why? Here are the answers to all your questions as to why men like a badgirl. 8 Reasons why those men out there seem to be attracted to a "badgirl"

1) Men tend to think that "bad girls" are better in bed. Even if it isn't true most men tend to associate all bad girls as amazing partners in bed.

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2) Bad girls always laugh when a guy makes one of those dirty jokes, and has an even more scandalous one to tell. (And more often than not she's involved in it!)

3) Men think bad girls are less clingy. They are less likely to want to jump into a relationship, and there are less strings attached. This also includes why he feels like he doesn't have to impress her family and live up to expectations...shes already the bad girl right?

4) When it comes to the footwear department bad girls like to wear sexier shoes.

5) A bad girl doesn't react when it seems like hes had too many drinks, and makes a fool of himself. He also doesn't have to watch to make sure she doesn't have too many.
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6) She's more interested in the bed than how many items he left on the floor this morning.

7) A bad girl is known as a person that is not afraid to try new things. The daredevil type that will feed his fantasies of handcuffs and lots of leather.

8) Fights are way more hands on, but also when it comes to making up after that argument. Back to the sheets!
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