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What Men Think About Women
By: Tracey Herriot
The things men think they know about women. Is it what they think about women or is it really what women are about? Sometimes when it comes to what men are thinking about women, women are thinking the same about men. The mind of a male might not be that different from that of a female after all. Are men and women really looking for the same thing?

Men Like to Categorize Women

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Men like to talk about women when it comes to a drink out with the boys. They categorize us as short, funny, witty, loyal, great sex, and many other things. Interesting because when it comes to women we categorize ourselves because we are in competition with each other. Can we blame them for categorizing us? It is quite humorous because women are often guilty of categorizing their boyfriends. Who hasn't ever sat with a girlfriend and compared her newest boyfriend with her ex, or said, " oh he's the strong macho type," or " soft and romantic type" ? It is very true that as men like to categorize women, we categorize men ,and are all guilty of categorizing ourselves.

His Confidence Matters

Men think that their confidence matters. So true! So men really aren't in the deep end when they think they know what we want. Men try to put on a front to give us those ques that they know what they are doing. Lets face it though, a man who lacks confidence is a total drag. Women with high confidence go a long way when attracting the male as well.

Women who Can Dance are Sexy!
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Men think that a women who can dance is hot. When stepping into a dance club, they want to see a women that can move smooth. Dancing shows confidence and when a man sees that you are free to be yourself on the dance floor it usually means you are a more open when it comes to having a conversation. And let's face it, a man who can move is sexy, but a guy who is a great dancer can be a little too much. Most women will agree that they will compliment their fellow ladies on their talent of being a great dancer, but would not appreciate it coming from a boyfriend. Double standards isn't it? Leave the dancing to us!

Romance is a Way to a Woman's Heart

Any Woman can appreciate an unexpected present from her boyfriend, or a trip to the movies and an evening dinner together. Are men really only doing it to make us happy. Perhaps it is to make you happy, but it is true that men, like women have a soft side. They enjoy going to the movies with us, and taking us on an evening dinner. Go out with your boyfriend, find fun things to do together and make sure he know that you appreciate him, because by him taking you out that's how he says he appreciates you.
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