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Signs Your Ex Boyfriend Wants You Back
By: Melissa Haworth
Some things may be unpredictable in life but not these signs your ex boyfriend wants you back. Yes, it is easy to tell just what your ex feels about you with the help of some indicators. You would be glad to know that you don't have to wonder about your ex once you know how he feels about you.

#1 He wants you back if he strives hard to impress you

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Does it seem to you that your ex seems to be flashier than usual? Even if basically you are not in a relationship anymore, he always gives you news on what's happening on his life. He would show you the things he's interested in, even that fancy haircut he recently had.

What he is basically doing is trying to increase his worth in your eyes. He wants you to see that he is still boyfriend or husband material because he is physically pleasing to the eye, financially stable and mentally sound.

#2 He wants you back if he wants you to remember all the wonderful things you did together

"Hey, remember the time we..." When your ex starts a conversation with you, he'd usually open up with that line. It seems like he is trying to get you to take a trip down memory lane. Of course he wants you to remember what a great couple you are and that you have a lot of good times together. In his mind, he thinks you'd come running back if you miss him like crazy.
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#3 He gets territorial when you talk to other guys

You are in the same room with your ex and you are talking to someone else. Do you notice that he keeps looking at you and he's scowling? If he's not happy when you are socializing with guys that may potentially be your next boyfriend, it's definitely a sign that he is jealous. If you would like your ex back though, don't ever use that as a weapon against him.

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