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Starting an Organic Vegetable Garden
By: James Eden
Organic garden produce is known is for one thing - taste. The fruits and veggies they produce have real flavors because they are grown without the use of any chemicals. Many newbies actually start by growing herbs on their porch and later on get addicted to the taste of homegrown food. Before they know it, a small garden has appeared in their yard. Often, inexperienced organic gardeners forget one or more of the basic principals of sound organic gardening practice.

The decision a beginning gardener has to make is to choose the right spot for a garden. This is important because there are several factors to consider. The optimal garden spot should receive at minimum six hours of sunlight every day. The area should not be a low-lying area where water tends to collect; good drainage is very important to a successful garden.

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The next big decision concerning organic gardening for beginners is the size of their plot. If a person is overly ambitious and chooses a large area, they may quickly start gardening as a chore. To avoid this, the plot should be about ten square feet, or 100 square feet. It is amazing how many vegetables can be planted in this area - cucumbers, tomatoes, lettuce, radish, and even herbs and flowers.

Planting may seem like the next logical step, but it isn't. Each vegetable plant has a different space requirement. If plants are too close together, they will receive inadequate exposure to sun and will not produce properly. If they are too far apart, valuable space will be wasted. There is extensive information about how far apart plants should be, and it can be found online.

These first few steps are commonly forgotten by most beginners. Locating the ideal spot for the garden, choosing an appropriate size for it, and keeping in mind the distance between plants are all important considerations in planning a garden. Once a person makes these basic decisions, they can start gardening.
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