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5 Times You Should Be Over Confident
By: Tracey Herriot
So deep down you are aware that you are a very talented person. Whether it's smart, funny, sexy, cute,....and much more, you know your best attributes. Don't second guess yourself. If you are feeling nervous, slow down for a minute. By talking slowly you will be perceived as someone who is confident. Making your uneasy and insecurities open to the crowd can become a problem. Here are the times where you should always hold your head up high with confidence perhaps even a little over confident!

1) You are throwing a party at your house and it starts in just a few minutes.

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Acting as if your party is this evening's "hot spot" is a contributing factor to having a successful party. Don't stress and worry about everyone else. Being a little over confident...or even a little "cocky" can make you come across as being that carefree effortless host that seems to have everything together. Give that kind of vibe that spreads good times. If you start to have fun everyone else will join in.

2) You look sexy in that new outfit you bought yesterday.

You know when you are looking your best, so don't feel insecure about it. Who cares if the lady next to you doesn't agree with your fashion sense. Before you leave the house say positive things to yourself. Concentrate on how you feel about the new outfit you are wearing for the day, and not how many people might not like it. Feeling positive about yourself is the most important. You will stand up taller, have better posture, and give off overall, a more sexy look.

3) Your best friend knows this hottie, and thinks you would totally click!
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So what if you are on a blind date. Have fun, because that's why you decided to go out this evening right? He's probably somewhat nervous himself. Try to break the ice and make him feel more comfortable.

4) You boss assigns you to a project and you have no clue what you are doing.

Having confidence on the job is a great way to show your boss that you can handle challenges. Even though he just threw you one that seems way out of your league, don't feel intimidated. It's obvious that he thought you could handle it. By taking on the challenge with a positive attitude you are increasing you motives, and giving yourself a better chance when it comes to perseverance. You will achieve more, and be more successful the next time you are given a challenge. Besides maybe you will be the best candidate for deserving a raise this month. Convince yourself you've got what it takes.

5) You are on top in bed.

This is your chance to take a lead. This is your chance to take charge and truly get how you want. Let him know just how sexy and hot you really are. Being overconfident under the sheets is the best place, because it won't offend anyone. Surprisingly it might just turn him on. Maintain eye contact, it can be intimidating for all the best ways.
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