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How Do You Talk About Yourself - When You Talk to Yourself?
By: Petra Kuhrmann
Self-Talk is the hopefully conscious affirmation of thoughts that whirl through your mind. Basically you try to catch what you think. Voicing them out is, hearing what you think. If your mind goes a hundred miles an hour it is a very effective way to catch up with your thoughts.

If you talk to yourself unconsciously then you are in trouble, because you give yourself some pretty powerful affirmations and you are not even aware of that. Try to switch your focus from others around you to yourself, because you are in need of some serious attention.
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To engage in Self Talk there are two very powerful ingredients involved, that change your perspective every time you use them. They can limit you or set you free.

Words = are powerful., In Self-Talk mode they are powerful as they are in communication with others. They can hurt or caress, they can cut or mend. Use them with care.

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Thoughts = are very powerful. They are your creative force, if you think it will be bad, sure thing it will BE, if you think it will be good, it will BE exactly that.

It doesn't matter if you meant what you thought, or said. It will manifest in your life. You can not unleash a power, that can illuminate a whole city for a week, and hope it will not affect your life.

The best advice I ever received was...

"Be careful what you wish for, it might not please you!" and...

"Say only what you mean, or it may come back and bite you!"

Petra Kuhrmann

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