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The Ultimate Exfoliating Treat
By: Ivy Mills
You've had a busy week and now it's time to get what you truly deserve - a spa quality exfoliating treatment. A week's worth of skin has piled up and started to make your complexion just a little duller than normal, moisturisers don't seem to do what they used to and you really need to spoil yourself before you resort to a quart of ice-cream.

Banish the gray tint from your skin by exfoliating once a week. Those with oily skin can pull it off twice a week without a hitch. Keep in mind though, that more is not necessarily better -layers of dead skin protect the new skin underneath. Don't do this everyday.
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8 Step Deluxe Treatment

1. So where to start? Before you get wet, use a dry loofah sponge to slough off the really loose skin - don't scrub, just run it over your skin gently.

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2. Get wet (unless you use Coco Luv Chocolate Body Scrub - it's for use on dry skin).

3. Apply an exfoliant with hands or a cloth, rubbing in a circular motion. Spend some time with this step - the idea here is not just to scrub off the dead skin, but to stimulate circulation as well. (I should note here that the more time you spend scrubbing your behind, the faster you will be able to break up the fatty deposits that cause the appearance of cellulite.)

4. Rough spots deserve a little more attention. Really rough spots, like heels, might need the help of a pumice stone to soften them up.

5. Rinse off thoroughly. Do not use soap.

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