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The Secrets to Having Smooth Skin
By: Tracey Herriot
The Secrets to having smooth skin. Look young and radiant. Smooth radiant skin takes a little care. With the help of a few products, you can look your best, and continue to keep your skin in great shape. Whether you have oily skin, dry skin,sensititive skin or you fall in the middle with normal skin, regular upkeep with the right products can make your skin look smooth and keep a young, and radiant you.

Dry Skin
Dry skin can be hard to cleanse because it has low numbers of protective oils that your body produces. Dry skin in prone to becoming flaky. To get rid of those flaky layer choose products that have little or no glycolic, or salicylic acids. It is important to get rid of those flaky layers, because dead skin causes a block for moisture to be absorbed in the skin. A peeling face cleansing mask will be affective, because they are not meant to be applied for a long period of time. If you have extra sensitive skin, cut the recommended time in half. Try your mask once a week for the first two weeks, and increase slowly until you are using it everyday. (Always use this method when trying a new product, otherwise it can be a shock to the skin.) Acidic fruits produce enzymes that can naturally dissolve a dry skin wall. A light blend of grapefruit, pumpkins, and pineapple in your product of choice will be great for getting rid of access dry skin.
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Sensitive Skin
Scrubbing,acidic, or or harsh formulas can cause irritation to the skin. When trying a new product you should always intoduce it slowly to your skin, esspecially if you have sensitive skin. Try once a week, and slowly increase, until you use it comfortably everyday. Try spot testing on your arm first, and before applying to your face fully, apply only to a part of your face to see how your skin reacts. Stay away from higly scented products. highly scented products create irritation, redness, and rashes. If you are going to choose a product that is scented, stay away from floral scents, and try the fruity blends. Fruit scents are more gentle and easier on the skin. If you find that a lot of products you are trying keep bothering your skin try soap free products. Most importantly when applying a product, always use a circular motion, rather than up and down.

Normal Skin
Normal skin means that you have a good balance in keeping moisture in,and keeping irritation from chemicals out. Most exfoliators, scrubs, and products will work for you. It is reccommended though that you use a product with glycolic acid. Peelers, and cleansers are effective. When using an acidic product be careful not to leave the product on too long, because the acids could dry out your skin. Using to oily of a product can also cause break out. Just as your skin is balanced, keep your care balanced as well.

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Oily Skin
Much like your fellow normal skin ladies you can also use most exfoliators without much irritation. Natural oils that the body produce help keep the face free of irriation and rawness. Removing too much of your natural oils can create dryness. Toners will be most effective as a toner is designed to stay in the skin, and not completely wash off to continue to keep the skin healthy during the day. A lot of products don't have effect all day, and will cause you to have to repeat the cleansing and moisturizing process during the day. Most importantly stay away from products high in oil. Use oil free products.

Whatever skin type you have there is a solution for you. Choose your products carefully and be consistant. Do not be afriad to read the labels. If you have questions, you can always ask the cosmitition, or pharmisist for their advice. Everyone can have Smooth, healthy and radiant skin.
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