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Perfume "Hot Spots" : Put Your Scent In all the Right Places
By: Tracey Herriot
Ever wonder why your man doesn't notice that new fragrance you are wearing?...or why even you notice that that new perfume you tried seems to fade a few minutes after you walk out the door. It is not only the fact that man's sense of smell is 20 percent less keen than that of a woman, but you might just not be spraying the right spots. If you want to make sure that your man will notice that new sexy perfume you just tried, without using half the bottle here are a few tips that can help you. Ask these questions when deciding which perfume you will be using and where it is that you should be using it.

Is he Taller Than You?

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The first thing to consider when asking yourself on where to apply your perfume is how tall the guy is. Assuming that your man is taller than you, you will want to consider spraying in higher areas of the body, so the scent is closer to the nose.

When do You Spray Your Perfume?

When you first get out of the shower, it is a great time to spray your perfume. When your skin is moist it will absorb the scent better than when it is dry. Also try to spray your perfume before you dress so the scent goes into your skin rather than your clothing. Spraying perfume onto your clothing can cause your clothing to stain, and fade, or weaken the fabric. If you decide to go out again in the evening and want to add an extra few spray to ensure your scent will withstand the whole evening, try to apply body lotion first to help add moisture to your skin to help it absorb the fragrance better.

What Type of Fragrance Are You Using?
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The Type of fragrance you are using will indicate how much you are needing to use. Some women prefer a body mist because they are usually carried in fruity and scents that are less bold, and more on the gentle side. However although they are less expensive than a perfume, you have to use a lot more , because they fade quite quickly. A perfume might seem powerful when it is first applied, but becomes less powerful in just a few minutes. If you area little timid, try a scent that has a fruity, or vanilla base.

Where Do You Apply Perfume?

Okay so the most important question you have to ask yourself is where you are applying your perfume. To ensure that your man will appreciate you efforts in using that sexy scent you need to make sure that you are spaying in all the right places. Here are the top, "hot spots" when applying perfume.

1) Wrists- Apply perfume to your wrists last. Most women think that rubbing your wrists together will make the scent last long, when in fact it makes the scent break down.

2) Upper Chest- Apply perfume lightly in this area. By applying to much in this area you could be the next walking perfume bottle. A gentle mist in this area is sufficient.

3)Behind Your Ears- Spray a small amount of perfume onto your fingertip and gently swipe it on your earlobes. By spraying in that area, you could end up spraying into your ears or hair. By using your fingers you will have just the right amount.

4)Chin- Just one dab will do.

5)Between the breasts- One gentle mist in this area. Again you don't need to be a walking perfume bottle. This area is great one to create a pool of fragrance.

6)Behind the knees- Just so we aren't leaving the lower body out, one short spray behind the knees will do the charm. Because scents work well in warmer temperatures behind the knees is a great spot.

What Type Of Skin Do You Have?

The last question you need to ask yourself is what skin type you have. Oily skin types tend to absorb the fragrance better than dry skin types, and Fair skin tones do not absorb the scents as well as darker skin tones.

Choose a scent that is right for you. Confidence is always key. By choosing a scent you are comfortable with you are already boosting your level of confidence. Remember that not enough perfume is better than too much. Nobody likes it when all you smell in the restaurant is You! Have fun and splurge on a new bottle of perfume rather than the body mists you always use. They may be more expensive, but you use less.
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