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6 Tips to Looking Great
By: Tracey Herriot
6 Tips to looking great! Look skim, grab that attention, and give off that sexy appeal, all at once. Don't constantly blame your body. Blame your clothes, after all you are the one who wears them. Here are a few in style tips, and the Do's and Dont's in fashion.

1) Bras and Panties

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Choose bras and panties that are not only appealing when you have your clothes off, but also when your clothes are on.
- If you are worried about having a padded bra that is very obvious choose a higher cut bra that will lie flat to your chest, and of course make sure that it is seamless. Great look great tip for every woman, tighten your bra straps.
- If you are not comfortable with a thong, there are now many other options that are just as sexy. Buy a seamless boycut panty for a cute, but comfortable fit, and not have to worry about having that unnecessary visible pantyline in the middle of your back end.

2) Jeans

Choose the jeans that don't make you look bigger than you actually are!
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-No pocket jeans tend to make your hips look wider than they really are, Jeans without major designs are studs are most flattering for your behind. Keep in mind that if the pockets are too small they accentuate the areas around them, making you look bigger. Wear jeans with pockets that are of a medium size. Not too big, nor too small. Pockets that reach lower than you bum, make your bottom look small and flat.

3) Necklace

This year's fashion statement is big and bold.
- Choose a large necklace, with some colour and style. It will draw attention to your best feature, YOUR SMILE, and also your eyes. See Sarah Jessica Parker For Example

4) A Belt

Flaunt those feminine curves this season, with a fashion belt. By adding a belt you can add some character to the simple dress in your closet. It will pull almost any outfit together, and accentuate your waistline.
-Try wider belts, and smaller belts. Have fun, after all it is fashion isn't it?

5) Wear a Dress

It sounds simple, but just wearing a dress can make you feel sexier. What better occasion than the upcoming holiday parties and celebrations.
-Find one that is fitted. A fitted dress is most flattering, but make sure to choose a dress that doesn't pull across your curves.

6) Stand Tall

Last but not least, have confidence! The ultimate fashion don't is bad posture.
-By standing tall you will add so much to that killer body of yours. Now that you are wearing your clothes right, and not you wearing your clothes, make sure that everyone knows that that's how you feel. Look great, but also Feel great!
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