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Denim and Jeans that Fit you Best
By: Tracey Herriot
Jeans that fit your body type best. A celeb style guide to help you find the best fit, in denim. For those curvy girls, not so tall girls, girls who have booty, or maybe a little less booty there is a denim style to make you look your best!

Curvy Girl
Wide leg and boot-cut jeans are great for your body type. Boot-cut and wide-leg styles help balance out your thighs. A dark wash of jeans is will always be more slimming, but if you want a lighter colour, try styles that fade only in the center of the leg, to accentuate the right places. *hint* be careful when choosing wide-leg and boot-cut jean fashions. If the jeans are too loose they can make you appear bigger than you are. Even though you are going to wear wide-leg, and boot-cut styles, make sure they are still fitted at the hips and waistline. A highwaist could also be great to help accentenuate your waist,in contrast with your hips.(very sexy)
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Short Girl
Wide-leg, and loose styles are not best for you. Wide styles can make your bottom half look shorter, and give a square frame to your body. Try to choose styles that fit closer to the ancles. Styles that fit close to the ancles make your legs look longer.*hint* stay away from jeans with highwaisted styles. A high waist can make your top half look too petite.

A Little Booty
Large pockets in the back can make your booty look even smaller. to create some shape in the back, stick to styles with small pockets. The closer the pockets to middle seam the better. Close pockets will give a look for rounder hips. Pockets with flaps will give you a little more volume to your back end. *hint* light wash jeans will add body and shape. If you are leaning towards a darker wash, try styles that are faded under the pockets.

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A Bigger Booty
Plain pockets are your best style. Decorations, buttons, and fancy stitching can add extra bulk, and draw too much attention.( you seem to be doing fine,don't need the extra attention.)A wider pocket can be helpful to even out your booty in the back. *hint* a higher waistline in the back is reccommended to ensure total coverage.

No matter what your body type is there is a great fit for you when it comes to denim and jeans. This year there are a number of great washes to choose from. Make a style statement by wearing your jeans with tears, rips, and fades. Try accessorizing your denim with a new belt, or a pair of trendy suspenders.( note beyonce at the top of the page.) Have Fun! Look great and don't be afraid to try something new. Happy Denim Shopping!
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