Advertise On provides advertisers with the opportunity to reach a large number of Canadian women, a valuable and highly desired target market. Women undertake or influence more than 75% of all purchases that take place in the home and are increasing their own purchasing power at a rapid pace. will only provide its readership with advertising messages that are of high quality from reputable firms for products or services that can add value to their lives. If your product or service does not meet these requirements please don't contact us. provides advertisers with most of the various types of Display advertising options including:
  • Leader Boards: 728x90
  • Rectangles: 300x250, 300x300
  • Banner Ads: 468x60, 234x60
  • Skyscrapers: 160 x 600, 120x600
Category Sponsorship Opportunities: will work closely with advertisers to create promotions and sponsorship opportunities that create value beyond pure advertising by allowing relevant advertisers to sponsor specific content categories or obtain greater visibility within the site.

Newsletter Sponsorship:

Advertisers can also sponsor the newsletter as a way to reach readers with a direct outgoing message in a high level interaction.

To request a Media Kit or advertising rates please contact us.