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The healing benefits of meditation are threefold - physical, psychological, and spiritual...
Being a primary caregiver is a stressful, all-consuming job that doesn't offer much relief. But you need to find ways to get some if you're going to survive.
Have you ever needed an adjustment in your attitude? Have your emotions ever got out of control and driven you mad? Before you become unbearable to everybody around, get healed within and renew your mind.
Breast cancer in young women - some facts and statistics about diagnosis, treatment and survival...
Nice and healthy breast is a symbol of femininity. It gives self-reliance and very often invites men attention. These are the main reasons why women resolve to augment their breast and try to find the best way how to do it.
Visualize and focus on the life of your dreams and you will create it!
Do not panic, think, be aware and strike hard, it might be the only chance you have of saving your life.
Women have learned all the secrets and little tricks that can make their faces glow, their bodies firm and their skin and hair flawless. But there's one area where we still have much to learn. And it has a lot of bearing on how we look as well. It is in taking care of our self-esteem.
A brief overview of the types of treatments available to breast cancer patients.
Keeping our hearts healthy is important, but how do we do it? Fortunately the answers to this are very clear. Being overweight, particularly if you carry the weight around your waist, puts unnecessary strain on the heart. To find out if you have a problem you need to know your height to weight ratio (WHR). To work this out measure...
How to reduce the stress effect on the immune system.
What if I told you that stopping smoking was easy? That smoking is a body and mind addiction. Yes, body AND mind!
As tradition goes we have been using soap since the time we are born. Before soap, there must have been some other and more natural product considering the time factor. It has been a very important part in cleaning our body.
Your attitude can determine your success. This poem marks the difference between those who will be successful and those who will encounter difficulties. Be a winner!
Although Endometriosis affects one out of seven women throughout the world, not much is known about the disease.
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