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Uncover and change your limiting thoughts and start living your dreams.
Is it true a vaccine to end the threat of cervical cancer? Chock one up for modern science, maybe it is good that the Drug Companies are making such high profits after all and have so many lobbyists in Washington D.C. if they can keep solving these problems that plague mankind or in this case Womankind.
This article discusses the stressors that women face both in the workplace and at home. It outlines various strategies such as relaxation, continued education and positive personal relationships that a woman can use to reduce the stress in her life.
There are many causes of snoring but one of the most common is smoking. We all know smoking has many bad side effects, but often people don't realize one of them can be a snoring problem.
Most importantly, look to the eyes. Prominent eyes with bright sparkle or glitter are preferable to small, squinty or shifty eyes...
When you need to find a nursing home, you and your loved one will be happier if you make the right choice.
Every single day a number of health care professionals have to encounter an incident of an abused victim turning to them to request help. But even of you are not a trained professional you should be familiar with what domestic violence is and what it can do to victims.
When a woman develops a white discharge and vaginal itching, her doctor often diagnoses yeast infection, even though he may be wrong because every healthy woman has yeast in her vagina and cultures of the vagina almost always grow yeast, even in women who have no symptoms at all.
The author reflects on an incident in her past when she was held up at gun point. She discusses how she got away and what readers might be able to do to protect themselves.
We only truly fail when we cease to strive to be better. We only lose when we quit. Accept your mistakes and learning opportunities and pick yourself up and move on. Let the bad from the past go. Just let it go...
A discussion about menopause and hormone replacement therapy....
Our body is made up thousands of cells that differ in size, shape and function. Controlled by our DNA, each cell is programmed to perform certain tasks and after a specified period of time - die...
Love relationships between women and men are difficult, complex, and sometimes overwhelming, and authors, experts, and friends are always willing to offer advice on how to overcome them.
There are ways to reduce your risk factors for ovarian cancer. You may want to consider looking into the research and finding a good strategy that works for you.
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